The Best Thermal Compound Ever

The Best Thermal Paste, Everyone Needs a Tube!

What is thermal paste and why do I need it? The top surface of a CPU, or the flat side of a heat-sink may seem perfectly smooth to the naked eye. Yet, you can be assured that every one of them contains microscopic divots, scratches, and pits. These seemingly miniscule imperfections trap air, which is one of the worst conductors of heat. For obvious reasons, it’s therefor In your best interests to occupy these areas fully, as to optimize performance, and extend the life of your components, via reduction of heat capacity. The only solve for this dilemma is thermal

A man using a 5g smartphone in 2019

Best 5G Smartphones 2019

The Best 5G Smartphones for 2019 Reviewed In 2019, 5G smartphones are going to take over with a majority of the biggest names in the industry already confirming they will start unveiling 5G handsets this coming year, and we’ve jumped the line and reviewed the best 5G smartphones 2019 has to offer. Below discusses are some of the most exciting 5G phones to be launched in 2019 by major company brands like Huawei, Apple, Sony, Samsung and OnePlus. Samsung Galaxy S10 or Galaxy X Reports about a deal between the South Korean maker and Qualcomm in a ‘strategic relationship’ that

Nintendo Switch

Is the Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Introduced in 2017, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles on the market today. What makes it unique is its hybrid design. It’s a console that can be placed into a docking unit and plugged in to your television set and play by yourself or with friends. It also allows game players the option to play games hands-free and take with them wherever they go. The Switch allows for online gaming through standard Internet and Wi-Fi connections. It also lets users compete against other Switch players wirelessly. There are a wide selection of games that are available

gifts for gamers

The Best Gifts for Gamers 2019

Anyone who knows anything about gaming knows that it makes a world of difference to have the top quality gadgets and equipment. Whether it be for a computer or for a console such as Xbox one or PS4, there is a wide variety of hardware and accessories to enhance the gaming experience. Our goal is to provide you with a little insight into the best gift ideas for gamers this year.   Corsair HS70 These headphones should make just about any gamer happy and they probably won’t break the bank either. They usually cost around 100 dollars and they link

Best Games Consoles of 2019 for Kids & Adults

Best Game Consoles for 2019

It is that time of the year where you are bursting with so much anxiety. Getting the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones is arduous, especially when you do not have a clue of what is in their wish list. You definitely want to give a gadget that will kindle a smile and bring Christmas cheer. Your loved one might have given a preferred gift hint by mentioning “games console” maybe you have no idea what this is and you are now confused. A games console is a superb Christmas gift, and you do not have to be tech