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Is the Nintendo Switch Worth It?

Introduced in 2017, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles on the market today. What makes it unique is its hybrid design. It’s a console that can be placed into a docking unit and plugged in to your television set and play by yourself or with friends. It also allows game players the option to play games hands-free and take with them wherever they go.

The Switch allows for online gaming through standard Internet and Wi-Fi connections. It also lets users compete against other Switch players wirelessly. There are a wide selection of games that are available either on standard game cartridges and online at the Nintendo eShop.

While this system often appears on Christmas wish lists, here are a few pros and cons to consider before you buy:


  1. It’s easy to pick up and play. It’s very easy to switch from TV to hand-held gaming in just a matter of seconds. You can pick up right where you left off.


  1. The controls are very intuitive. The controls are easy to understand. Multiplayer games are fun and easy to use. The Nintendo Switch tablet is something that you can use for long periods of time without strain or eye soreness. It even comes with a kickstand so you can continue game play after placing it on a flat surface.


  1. Games load quickly. Most games load right away, depending on the kind of game and file size. There’s no need to wait a long time before you can even play like you have to do on other popular gaming systems.


  1. It doesn’t take up much shelf space. The entire system can easily fit in a drawer or small shelf on a desk or in an entertainment center. This leaves more room for games and other entertainment items.


  1. They have a good game library. The Switch has amassed an impressive amount of titles since its release. Nintendo favorites and other popular licensed games have been added on a regular basis. The Switch has options for just about any kind of gamer.


  1. The system price is competitive. You can buy a new Nintendo Switch system for under $300 at most major retailers. This is around the same price for similar gaming systems offered by competitors.



  1. The battery life could be longer. The internal battery lasts for a couple of hours or so depending on game play before needing to be recharged. This can be an inconvenience for hardcore gamers or people who are using the Switch to keep them occupied on a long car trip or plane ride.


  1. Glare can be an issue. To use it properly, you need to be near a good light source. Using the Switch outdoors on a sunny day or relying solely on outdoor light during a cloudy day is not recommended.


  1. There’s not much internal memory. The Switch only has 32 GB of internal storage, some of which is reserved for the machine’s operating system. This doesn’t leave a lot of memory space for saved game files. Serious gamers may want to invest in a microSD memory card or two to preserve their saved games.


  1. There’s no backward compatibility. Nintendo lovers have been disappointed by the fact that the Switch isn’t backwards compatible. They often have to spend additional money to buy upgraded versions of some of their beloved Nintendo classics to play on this system.


  1. You have to pay to play online. It’ll cost you $20 a year to play Nintendo Switch games online. While this may be cheaper than some services, it has been seen as a hindrance to others who are used to free online game play.


  1. Accessory costs can add up. Most users end up having to pay more than they initially planned. Additional controllers, online game play, games and memory cards can often leave users paying twice the cost of the system or more.


These are just some of the factors to evaluate before buying a Nintendo Switch system. If you or someone you know loves the Nintendo library or is an avid gamer, this can make an excellent Christmas gift. It can provide many hours of entertainment for people of all ages, no matter where you go.

Best Games Consoles of 2019 for Kids & Adults

Best Game Consoles for 2019

It is that time of the year where you are bursting with so much anxiety. Getting the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones is arduous, especially when you do not have a clue of what is in their wish list. You definitely want to give a gadget that will kindle a smile and bring Christmas cheer. Your loved one might have given a preferred gift hint by mentioning “games console” maybe you have no idea what this is and you are now confused. A games console is a superb Christmas gift, and you do not have to be tech smart to understand it. The most complex part about it is that you have to take it out of its packaging and download updates before giving to someone. Nevertheless, if you are not able to do that you can have them download the updates later. This is a cool and tantalizing gift.

Types of consoles

Consoles exist in three major types: The Microsoft Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch and the Sony PlayStation 4. Compared to the Nintendo switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one are superior. They have higher graphical performance especially the enhanced Xbox one X and PS4 Pro which support 4K television displays and are the Best Game Console Christmas 2018.

The war between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo continue. This console generation is quite competitive, and there are reasons to pick every one of them. Gamers who want 4K should consider the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One S, while HD gamers can stick to the PS4 Slim and Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has a mix of the whole kit and caboodle, but you should go for Nintendo if you can’t live without an annual Pokémon and Mario title in your life.

Teens and adults like enthralling games that involve shooting and adventure. This games can only be played on PS4 or Xbox One. Therefore, these gadgets are suitable for a mature family and are Best Game Console Christmas 2018 for adults and young adults. Nintendo games on other hand are suitable for children as they are less challenging but sufficient to keep amused the green players.

Games available for every type of console

Nintendo has its own games which can be accessed on its online store such as Super Mario, Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart. For epic games, the PS4 and Xbox One are the best. For epic narrative adventures, PS4 is the best option whereas for shooting and racing games Xbox One is preferable. Majority of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games are accessible on both platforms. Conversely, both platforms have popular exclusive franchises. While, the PS4 has the best games, and the PS4 Pro makes them look as magnificent as possible. The Xbox One X is theoretically even more powerful but it lacks some of the games available on PlayStation 4. Picking PlayStation 4 permits you to pick up PlayStation VR, which is not available for Xbox One.

Playing Online

Consoles have online gaming subscriptions which will allow your loved ones to play games with friends online. It is easy for gamers to connect if they have a similar gaming console. Having different consoles might make it hard to connect online as the consoles are not well-matched.


The cost solely depends on the packages. Basic packages contain basic hardware and are cheaper compared to bundle packages. What makes bundles packages a bit expensive is that they might include the basic hardware and a game or an extra controller. While a Nintendo Switch is approximately £280; an Xbox One X is £450 and PlayStation 4 is £250. These are estimated prices for basic hardware. If a game, controller or any other gaming item is added the price will automatically go up.

Video streaming

Not all consoles support third-party entertainment applications. One stream 4K movies and TV programs in full UHD resolution on PS4 and Xbox whereas the Switch restricts video streaming services. In addition, PS4 and Xbox One allow services such as Amazon, iPlayer, and Netflix. If you planning to play 4K Blu-ray discs on your gadget, then consider buying Xbox One.


Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have remarkable graphics performance and are a brilliant all-rounder. They are the best-selling consoles of the three. Nintendo Switch on other hand is not as powerful as an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but offers lots of its own advanced child-friendly features, making it the best choice for younger families. The video game console empire is bigger than you think, oscillating from insanely authoritative offerings for 4K HDR and virtual reality gaming, over ultra-portable choices.